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Office Number: (03) 9077 4834 | After Hours Number: 0434 701 484
Office Number: (03) 9077 4834
After Hours Number: 0434 701 484

Emma Turnbull Lawyers
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Specialist Criminal Lawyers & Court Advocates.

Intervention Order Lawyers.

Melbourne’s best and most trusted team of criminal defence lawyers.

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At Emma Turnbull Lawyers, our Melbourne based team of criminal defence lawyers are career specialists in what they do. Our lawyers are high committed and experienced in ensuring your voice is heard and your side of the story is properly advocated. We understand that being charged by the police or the subject of a police investigation is stressful – you are confused about what will happen, what the process is and what you should do next. We are here to help.

If you are facing prosecution, you need the best lawyers in your corner; lawyers who are knowledgeable and experienced in ensuring your legal rights and interests are properly protected in the court process. Our team of lawyers are experienced in all areas of criminal prosecutions. Whether you have received charges to attend court, a summons to appear at a compulsory examination, a Royal Commission, or are a suspect in a criminal investigation we are here to help. Contact us today.

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Why Choose Us?

With more than 100 years’ combined practice experience, we are industry leaders. We represent clients in all criminal and quasi-criminal matters across the state, including from minor traffic offences in the Magistrates’ Court, through to complex County and Supreme Court trials. We also have a large appellate law practice in the Court of Appeal and High Court.

We are Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law with the Law Institute of Victoria. Firm Directors Emma Turnbull, Adrian Lewin and Partner Manny Brennan, have all been awarded Accredited Specialist status.

What We Do?

Operating primarily out of our Melbourne CBD office, our accredited criminal law specialist lawyers appear in all matters in the Criminal Justice System. Our assistance can include pre-interview advice, representation at bail applications, summary hearings in the Magistrates’ Court , Jury trials, Appeals, Intervention Order Proceedings and representation in Royal Commission Hearings.

Testimonials & Awards

Firm Directors Emma Turnbull, Adrian Lewin and Partner Manny Brennan are Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Criminal Law Specialists. This Nationally recognised assessment and certification program is designed to assist you in identifying a criminal law expert when selecting a lawyer to defend your criminal charges

Are you going to Court?

One of the most common questions we are asked is to check pending Court dates.

The Magistrates’ Court and the County Court have online search engines to help you easily find your pending Court dates.

You can use the links below to search the Court lists for the Magistrates’ and County Courts. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeal lists are published daily on their websites.

Magistrates’ Court

County Court

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Well-resourced team of specialist defence advocates

Who we are: Learn more about the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne

We have a diverse team of criminal solicitors in Melbourne. Our lawyers have a range of different backgrounds, experience levels and specialties; this means we are able to personally tailor our services to ensure that we are able to meet each of our client’s individual needs, preferences and expectations. All of our criminal lawyers are Melbourne based, giving clients access to a rich hub of legal expertise.

We take a collaborative approach in all of our cases. On top of having a wealth of expertise, we believe that each of the criminal lawyers in our Melbourne team can offer a fresh, unique perspective, enabling us to remain up-to-date with the changing dynamics of the Victorian legal system and remain in front of the rest.

Our Melbourne based criminal lawyers are here to protect, defend and support you. From bail applications to trials to royal commissions, we are well equipped to represent you.

Strong reputation for excellence.

Our dedication to delivering results and maintaining the highest standards has been recognised by our peers and clients alike. We have been included in the Doyle’s Guide list of Leading Criminal Law Firms every year since the firm’s initial inclusion in 2016. This is important as those awards are voted by industry peers. Our team has received many awards for their individual work in the field.

How our Melbourne based criminal lawyers can help you

How our Melbourne based criminal lawyers can help you?

Our in-depth industry experience across a broad range of offences means that no matter your circumstances, you’ll always have the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne defending you every step of the way.

Our team are industry leaders, with a multitude of awards under their belt for client service and industry expertise. We are also an accepted member of Victoria Legal Aid’s exclusive criminal law indictment panel.

Explore our complete range of specialities below:

To understand more about what the next steps are and to find the best of Melbourne’s top criminal defence lawyers, contact us today.

Victoria Legal Aid Indictable and Summary Crime Panel

Provided you meet Victoria Legal Aid’s financial means and case merit tests, you may be eligible for legal aid funding. Our partnership with Victoria Legal Aid enables our team to assist you in your legal proceedings with government funding.

Intervention Order Proceedings

Please note we only provide this representation on a privately funded basis. We understand the sensitive nature of these cases and the impact they can have on individuals and families. You can rely on our compassionate approach to guide you through the process while safeguarding your rights and interests.

Client Reviews and Testimonies

This includes those facing criminal charges and also intervention order proceedings. Building trust and maintaining strong relationships with our clients are core values at Emma Turnbull Lawyers, and their feedback showcases our dedication and professionalism.

If you are seeking reliable and experienced lawyers in Melbourne or anywhere else in Victoria, Emma Turnbull Lawyers is here to help. We are more than just mouth pieces and will work with you to ensure that your best defence is put forward to protect your rights and interests in court. Our lawyers are career defence advocates and our team is resourced to ensure no stone is left unturned.

Contact the team today to begin working on the best possible outcome for your case.

Level 9, 552 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000

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Emma Turnbull Lawyers are specialist criminal lawyers who represent clients privately and in some circumstances with Legal Aid Funding. 

Our expertise has seen us accepted as a member of Victoria Legal Aid’s exclusive criminal law indictable crime panel. This means that if you meet their financial tests and your criminal charges meet their merit test, we can assist you via state funding in your case.

Summary Crime

Youth Crime

Indictable Crime


  • We are a dedicated team of lawyers pursing careers dedicated to criminal law.
  • We have received Accredited Criminal Law Specialist status with the Law Institute of Victoria
  • Collectively, our criminal lawyers possess a wealth of experience, spanning over a combined 100 years of real time court advocacy
  • We are well-versed in the intricacies of the court system, including its functioning and the individuals who over see it.
  • We appear daily in all Victorian Courts – Supreme, County and Magistrates Courts
  • We handle a significant number of jury trials each year – setting us apart from firms who do not have our experience and expertise in this level of serious work
  • Every case study on our website is a real outcome, achieved by one of dedicated lawyers.
  • Every google review is from a real client.
  • Every one of our lawyers have chosen to dedicate their career to fighting for justice for individuals facing prosecution

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