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Office Number: (03) 9077 4834 | After Hours Number: 0434 701 484
Office Number: (03) 9077 4834
After Hours Number: 0434 701 484
Emma Turnbull Lawyers
4.9 Over 127 Reviews

Why choose Emma Turnbull Lawyers?

We are Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law with the Law Institute of Victoria. Firm Directors Emma Turnbull, Adrian Lewin and Partner Manny Brennan have all been awarded Accredited Specialist status.

We are not a jack of all trades firm. We are specialists. Experts at what we do.

We are more than just mouth pieces.

We take a holistic approach to your situation. We appreciate what matters most to you and the importance of defending your rights. Our criminal lawyers are specialist defence advocates. We appear in Court daily and are fully familiar with the practices and procedures of the criminal justice system.

With offices in Melbourne and Ballarat, we are available to represent you at whichever Court your case is listed.

We are discreet, will respect your right to confidentiality and support you throughout the process whatever your situation. We appreciate the need for discretion. We understand that very often family members, friends, sometimes even spouses are not informed about a person’s criminal charges. We are experienced in navigating criminal charges for a client in the most discreet of ways.

Our criminal lawyers do not chase media attention and do not encourage our clients to engage with the media – we have never seen such tactics end well for an accused person.

Our criminal lawyers all have a deep understanding that there is always a backstory to how someone ends up before the Court or potentially charged with offences. There are two sides to every story in a criminal prosecution.

We are Pragmatic, Honest and Understanding, we are here to support you through the process and not to pass judgement. 

Our industry knowledge and contacts mean that you will have the best criminal lawyers in Melbourne representing you. Our lawyers, supported by our network of barristers and industry professionals, are able to provide the assistance you need.

Whether you are charged with driving charges, drug trafficking charges, a sexual offence, breaching an intervention order, or property offenceswe are here to help.

We are industry leaders, recognized having won multiple awards for our service to clients and industry expertise.

Our expertise has seen us accepted as a member of Victoria Legal Aid’s exclusive criminal law indictable crime panel. If you meet their financial tests and your criminal charges meet their merit test, we can assist you via state funding in your case.