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Whilst we do not actively chase media attention to our clients’ cases (your privacy is always our paramount concern) the nature of our work means that media attention is sometimes inevitable. Below is a representative sample of some of the matters our office has been involved in that have received media coverage.


9/03/2017 – Mair street bottle thrower gashed mans head open court hears

8/03/2017 – Cage fighter threat of rape deemed one of the worst

17/02/2017 – Woman caught with pants down in Ballarat police sex sting

9/02/2017 – Roberta Williams’ health, money problems

18/01/2017 – Men front Court over $60 million mothership drug haul

16/01/2017 – Magistrate slams drug driver over midland highway crash


4/08/2016 – Jail for Melbourne man over pack

1/08/2016 – Jail for stealing bottle shop employees wallet

9/06/2016 – Man faces charges for $100,000 theft

31/05/2016 – International graffiti artist aimed to vandalize Melbourne jailed for six months

12/05/2016 – Hoon Trailbike rider Mark Sheen jailed for killing man raking leaves

21/03/2016 – Ice user writes letter to Court

8/03/2016 – Evidence from beyond the grave fails to sway judges who acquit ‘crazed rapist’


29/05/15 – Woman found not guilty of intentionally killing an older woman over a mobile phone

06/05/15 – Plasterer accused of double murder to have psych tests

23/04/15 – Accused rapist granted bail despite fears he might attack cousin

21/04/15 – Intellectually disabled man raped teen while on youth detention parole

31/03/15 – Man jailed after engulfing pregnant partner in flames

06/02/15 – Roberta Williams’s daughter Danielle Stephens granted permission to talk to lover

30/01/15 – Hells Angels Darkside president Mohammed Khodr jailed, but keeps undercover cops’ cash


25/06/14 – Canadian cleared of importing 130kg of ICE into Australia

23/06/14 – Jacinda Mark, accused of bashing woman to death in Fawkner, released on bail despite previous breach

03/06/14 – Son of Hells Angel Peter ‘Skitzo’ Hewat guilty of drug driving

18/03/14 – Husband slit wife’s throat in front of their daughter, court told

12/02/14 – Hells Angels in Court on drug and weapons charges

10/02/14 – Accused unable to forget the smell of burning flesh



19/12/13 – Hells Angels associate Ben Pegoraro gets Christmas jail reprieve

22/11/13 – ‘Knife culture’ slammed after box cutter attack in Blackburn pizza restaurant

28/10/13 – Brothel worker De Jun ‘Kevin’ Zheng not guilty of murder

11/09/13 – Victorian man jailed for one punch killing

27/06/13 – Crime Family’s sentences cut due to extremely onerous jail conditions



31/08/10 – Band of brothers: former Iraqi refugees fined over crown casino brawl

29/10/08 – Roberta Williams gets tax win