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Darryl Annett


Bachelor of Jurisprudence
Bachelor of Laws


Darryl Annett joined Emma Turnbull Lawyers as a consultant to assist with training and mentoring the team, bringing great breadth and diversity of experience in the practice of criminal law.

Darryl’s legal career spans public sector and private practice encompassing criminal defence advocacy and criminal prosecution work, including a period as the Deputy Solicitor for Public Prosecutions (Victoria). For a number of years Darryl was also the Melbourne based partner in a Not For Profit social enterprise law firm which had offices in NSW, Qld and Victoria.  The firm’s practice had a humanitarian focus providing legal advice clinics and representation in Courts and Tribunals for marginalised and homeless persons and refugees.

At various points in his career, he has held appointments as Deputy Chair of the Business Licensing Authority and Chair of the Motor Car Traders Committee and he is currently a Legal Member of the Mental Health Tribunal and a Board Member of a National Health Board, the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia.