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We understand that facing prosecution and the court process is a daunting process, not just for our clients but also for their families, friends and loved ones who are supporting our clients through their legal journey.  Whilst we are here to provide you expert legal advice, we acknowledge that you may require alternate support of professional bodies for varying reasons.

We have therefore provided a list of links below of organizations who have assisted and supported our previous clients at different times.

We also understand that our clients also like to conduct their own research into the court process and therefore you will find a number of links below to the various courts & prisons that you may be seeking.

Mens Health Services

Womens Health Services

Child & Adolescent Health Services

Victorian Court System

Victorian Law Associations

Corrections & Prisons

You can contact a prison directly on the numbers provided below, or alternatively obtain more location specific information on the Corrections Victoria website:

Prison Phone Description
Dame Phyllis Frost Centre 03 9217 8400 The Dame Phyllis Frost Centre (DPFC) provides maximum security, medium security and specialist accommodation for remanded and sentenced women prisoners.
Judy Lazarus Transition Centre 03 9320 7888 The Centre provides a supervised pathway back into society for selected prisoners nearing the end of their sentence. It is named after Judy Lazarus, a prominent advocate of prisoner resettlement and former CEO of the Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders.
Marngoneet Correctional Centre 03 5282 0600 The Marngoneet Correctional Centre is a 300 bed, medium security facility, providing intensive treatment and offender management programs for males who are at moderate to high risk of reoffending, and have a minimum of six months of their sentence left to serve.
Melbourne Assessment Prison 03 9321 4111 Melbourne Assessment Prison is a maximum security facility providing the primary statewide assessment and orientation services for male prisoners received into the prison system.
Metropolitan Remand Centre 03 9217 7777 Metropolitan Remand Centre is Victoria’s major remand facility. The centre is designed on campus-style lines. Accommodation is a mix of single and double cells in variable-sized units.
Port Phillip Prison 03 9217 7200 Port Phillip Prison provides remand, sentenced, mainstream, protection and specialist accommodation for high, maximum and medium security prisoners.
Ravenhall Correctional Centre 03 8363 6500 Victoria’s 15th and most technically advanced prison, Ravenhall Correctional Centre was officially opened on 12 October 2017, and began receiving prisoners on Monday 13 November 2017.
Barwon Prison 03 5220 8222 Barwon Prison provides accommodation and services for mainstream, maximum security prisoners. The prison includes the high security Acacia Unit, the protection units Banksia and Hoya, and mainstream units, Cassia, Diosma and Eucalypt.
Beechworth Correctional Centre 03 5728 0055 Beechworth Correctional Centre focuses on reparation and pre-release activities – helping prisoners reintegrate into the community when they are released. The prison design complements its rural setting and its environment reflects life in the general community as much as possible, offering prisoners similar structures, choices and responsibilities to those they will encounter in the outside world.
Dhurringile Prison 03 5824 8800 Dhurringile Prison is a pre-release prison where prisoners undertake both on-site employment and meaningful community reparation via community assistance programs.
Fulham Correctional Centre 03 5142 3800 Fulham Correctional Centre accommodates predominantly mainstream prisoners and includes a drug and alcohol treatment unit and a protection unit.
Hopkins Correctional Centre 03 4309 3333 Hopkins Correctional Centre is located 200 km west of Melbourne. It provides accommodation for prisoners with low to medium security protection requirements, including a high proportion of sex offenders (50 per cent) and protection or special needs prisoners (50 per cent).
Langi Kal Kal Prison 03 5349 4900 Langi Kal Kal Prison houses minimum security prisoners with low-to-medium protection requirements. It is a large working farm and is a minimum security pathway for protection prisoners from Ararat Prison.
Loddon Prison Precinct (Middleton) 03 5471 1211 Loddon Prison is a campus-style prison within a secure perimeter. The landscaped grounds, modern buildings and wide range of programs and activities provide an environment, which as closely as possible resembles those available in the general community.
Tarrengower Prison 03 5479 8200 Tarrengower Prison is a minimum security women’s prison with an emphasis on release preparation and community integration.