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Office Number: (03) 9077 4834
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Royal Commission Public Hearings

What is a Royal Commission?

A Royal Commission is a formal body established by a Governor for the purpose of making a public investigation into a particular issue. Emma Turnbull Lawyers have extensive experience in representing witnesses and appearing in hearings.

The Royal Commission has powers beyond ordinary Court powers, such as the power to compel a witness to answer questions. It is important to understand your obligations and also ensure that you have representation to assist you and protect your legal interests throughout the hearing.

What is a summons?

A summons to attend a Royal Commission means you are called upon to attend and give evidence in relation to the issue the Commission deals with. Once summoned, it is important to seek legal advice and representation immediately. The powers of a Royal Commission are extensive, many go above what a regular Court can exercise. If you do not attend when summoned, there can be serious consequences, including a warrant for your arrest being issued.

Once summoned, a Commission has the power to compel you to give evidence, produce relevant documents and issue search warrants. It is important you understand the reason/s you are summoned and the rights you have in a Royal Commission hearing.

Our experience in Royal Commissions

The team at Emma Turnbull Lawyers have been involved nationwide in a number of recent Royal Commissions. These include

  • Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory
  • Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse
  • Royal Commission into Violence, Neglect, Abuse and Exploitation of People with Disability;
  • Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety; and
  • Royal Commission into the Management of Informants.

We have assisted clients with preparation of statements, investigation and cross examination of witnesses and written submissions in relation to the above matters.

Have you received a summons?

If you have received a summons to appear as a witness in a Royal Commission hearing please contact our office immediately on (03) 9077 4834 to obtain advice about your legal rights and obligations as well as information about the process involved.

What do I do now?

To ensure the best chance of a successful defence, it is important to get in contact with an expert criminal lawyer as soon as possible. At Emma Turnbull Lawyers, we have experienced criminal defence lawyers who can assist you in defending this charge.

Contact our office today to speak to an accredited criminal law specialist, on (03) 9077 4834 or at