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Intervention and Personal Safety Orders

Emma Turnbull Lawyers offer advice and representation to both Applicants and Respondents in Intervention Order Applications.

All Intervention Order applications are heard before the Magistrates’ Court and Appeals against the making of Orders are heard in the County Court.

The firm has a large practice in this area and are established as the lawyers of choice for people applying for or defending Intervention Orders who want a firm position held and robust advocacy. Our lawyers are strong negotiators and forceful advocates who protect your legal rights and interests as if they were their own.

Intervention Order proceedings are often used as a tool for strategic advantage in other legal proceedings, such as police prosecutions, family court or immigration applications. We are very much aware of the cross applicability of Intervention Orders  applications and consequences of an intervention order being made against you or for you.

There are two types of intervention orders:

    • Family Violence Intervention Orders.
      • These orders are designed to protect/prevent family violence against a family member; and
    • Personal Safety Intervention Orders.
      • These orders are deigned to protect/prevent violence from someone other than a family member (for example friends or neighbours).

If you breach the conditions of an interim or final intervention order it is a criminal offence. You can be charged by the police which may lead to a finding of guilt and a criminal record. It is essential to argue against the making of an Intervention Order to avoid this becoming an issue if at all possible.

If you have been charged with breaching an intervention order, you should call our office today to seek advice from one of our lawyers by telephoning (03) 9077 4834 or emailing