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Office Number: (03) 9077 4834 | After Hours Number: 0434 701 484
Office Number: (03) 9077 4834
After Hours Number: 0434 701 484
Emma Turnbull Lawyers
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Criminal Lawyers

Our expertise is your best defence



For most people being interviewed by police and being charged with a criminal offence is their first interaction with the criminal justice system. The experience is inevitably distressing, confusing and for those remanded in custody for the first time, a life changing one. Knowing where to go, what to do, what to say, what not to say are all critical decisions that can impact on the direction your case takes. We are here to help.

Emma Turnbull Lawyers is a specialist criminal law firm that employs a large team of dedicated criminal lawyers who can assist you in defending yourself in the justice system. If you have not yet been charged or interviewed by police, we can assist you in attempting to avoid criminal charges from arising. Our expert legal advice and involvement at an early stage has assisted countless clients to avoid a simple misunderstanding or civil dispute becoming a criminal investigation.

If you suspect you need a lawyer – you do need a lawyer.

Emma Turnbull Lawyers are specialist criminal lawyers who represent clients privately and in some circumstances with Legal Aid Funding.

Our expertise has seen us accepted as a member of Victoria Legal Aid’s exclusive criminal law indictable crime panel. This means that if you meet their financial tests and your criminal charges meet their merit test, we can assist you via state funding in your case.

Why Choose Us?

We are Accredited Specialists in Criminal Law with the Law Institute of Victoria. Firm Directors Emma Turnbull, Adrian Lewin and Partner Manny Brennan, have all been award Accredited Specialist status.

What We Do?

Operating primarily out of our Melbourne CBD office, our accredited criminal law specialist lawyers appear in all matters in the Criminal Justice System, including; pre-interview advice, bail applications for all criminal charges, Jury trials, Appeals, Intervention Order

Testimonials & Awards

Firm Directors Emma Turnbull, Adrian Lewin and Partner Manny Brennan are Law Institute of Victoria Accredited Criminal Law Specialists. This Nationally recognised assessment and certification program is designed to assist you in identifying a criminal law expert when selecting a lawyer to defend your criminal charges

Specialists in Royal Commission Advocacy.

Our lawyers appear in all Courts in the Victorian Criminal Justice System and Nationwide in Royal Commission Hearings

Emma Turnbull Lawyers have provided advice, assisted with submissions and represented witnesses in Public Hearings relating to the following recent Royal Commissions

Violence, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability
Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse
Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory
Aged Care Quality and Safety